10 Reasons Women are so Darn Moody

Men seem to have a hard time understanding women. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. They wonder why women are so darn moody, which is not to suggest that men don’t ever get into a mood, but perhaps less often than women. Let’s examine some of the reasons women may be more moody than men.

  1. Hormones – Men and women have different hormonal make-ups that affect each of them differently. When a woman’s hormones are raging or imbalanced they can have a profound affect on her moods.
  2. PMS – Directly related to hormones is a condition called premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Of course this syndrome only affects women on a monthly cycle and dramatically affects the moods of some. Beware of women who have a bad case of PMS.
  3. Menopause – Another hormone related reason women can be moody is menopause. This is huge change in a woman’s hormones and she may have little control over how this affects her moods. Women over 50 may have a good reason to be moody.
  4. Moon phases – Women also have a greater percentage of water in their bodies than men and some believe that makes them more susceptible to the different phases of the moon. Is the woman in your life more moody during a full moon?
  5. Stress – Many women struggle daily to balance work, home and family which is very stressful. Excess stress will tend to make any woman moody, so watch out if she’s had a bad day.
  6. Chemical imbalance – Some women have a chemical imbalance that will cause them to fly off the handle at the least provocation or burst into tears for no reason. Fortunately this can be controlled with proper medication.
  7. Spouse – Women who have to live with a heartless, cruel or just-plain-loser spouse have every reason to be moody. It’s not always the woman’s fault if she’s in a bad mood.
  8. Kids – Having kids will definitely affect a woman’s moods. Even when they’re on their best behavior children can be a handful, so if your lady is moody, maybe it’s because of the kids.
  9. Work – Dealing with crabby co-workers and demanding bosses at work can put any woman in a mood. Give her some time to unwind after work or she may be ready to bite your head off.
  10. Just because – Sometimes women will be moody just because they can. It’s more socially acceptable for women to show their emotions than men, so this gives them free rein. If that makes them seem more moody, well that’s just too bad.

Let’s remember that just because women can be moody, they’re not always in a bad mood. Women’s moods run the gambit of all emotions. They can be elated, angry, ecstatic, lonely, glad, grateful, grumpy, sad, giddy, depressed, excited, melancholy, nervous, vicious, or content. The list of women’s moods is endless. Instead of trying to figure out why women can be so darn moody, perhaps just figure out what mood she’s in so you can deal with it. On the other hand, by the time you figure it out, her mood may change.

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