10 Reasons Women are so Darn Moody

Men seem to have a hard time understanding women. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. They wonder why women are so darn moody, which is not to suggest that men don’t ever get into a mood, but perhaps less often than women. Let’s examine some of the reasons women may be more moody than men.

  1. Hormones – Men and women have different hormonal make-ups that affect each of them differently. When a woman’s hormones are raging or imbalanced they can have a profound affect on her moods.
  2. PMS – Directly related to hormones is a condition called premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Of course this syndrome only affects women on a monthly cycle and dramatically affects the moods of some. Beware of women who have a bad case of PMS.
  3. Menopause – Another hormone related reason women can be moody is menopause. This is huge change in a woman’s hormones and she may have little control over how this affects her moods. Women over 50 may have a good reason to be moody.
  4. Moon phases – Women also have a greater percentage of water in their bodies than men and some believe that makes them more susceptible to the different phases of the moon. Is the woman in your life more moody during a full moon?
  5. Stress – Many women struggle daily to balance work, home and family which is very stressful. Excess stress will tend to make any woman moody, so watch out if she’s had a bad day.
  6. Chemical imbalance – Some women have a chemical imbalance that will cause them to fly off the handle at the least provocation or burst into tears for no reason. Fortunately this can be controlled with proper medication.
  7. Spouse – Women who have to live with a heartless, cruel or just-plain-loser spouse have every reason to be moody. It’s not always the woman’s fault if she’s in a bad mood.
  8. Kids – Having kids will definitely affect a woman’s moods. Even when they’re on their best behavior children can be a handful, so if your lady is moody, maybe it’s because of the kids.
  9. Work – Dealing with crabby co-workers and demanding bosses at work can put any woman in a mood. Give her some time to unwind after work or she may be ready to bite your head off.
  10. Just because – Sometimes women will be moody just because they can. It’s more socially acceptable for women to show their emotions than men, so this gives them free rein. If that makes them seem more moody, well that’s just too bad.

Let’s remember that just because women can be moody, they’re not always in a bad mood. Women’s moods run the gambit of all emotions. They can be elated, angry, ecstatic, lonely, glad, grateful, grumpy, sad, giddy, depressed, excited, melancholy, nervous, vicious, or content. The list of women’s moods is endless. Instead of trying to figure out why women can be so darn moody, perhaps just figure out what mood she’s in so you can deal with it. On the other hand, by the time you figure it out, her mood may change.

10 Signs You are Invading My Personal Space

Everybody has an invisible bubble around them that they consider their personal space. If someone else gets close enough to invade that space, they start to feel uncomfortable. The size of this invisible area is different for each individual. For most it’s about the length of their arm, thus the saying, “Keeping him at arm’s length.” For others this area may be much smaller or bigger. How do you know when you’re invading someone’s personal space? Here are ten signs that I may use to let you know you’re invading mine.

  1. Back away – The first sign that you’re getting too close for my comfort is for me to start backing away. If you see me backing up as you approach, then it’s time for you to stop advancing.
  2. Cold shoulder – You should watch my body language. If I turn to the side and present you with my shoulder, that’s a defensive move and a clear sign that I’m uncomfortable with your closeness.
  3. Stiffen – A more subtle body language is when you notice I start to stiffen up. This could even be an unconscious reaction on my part, but a clear sign that you’re invading my space. Back off a little and see if I start to relax.
  4. Squirming – If you’ve got me backed against the wall, or in a position where I feel trapped, you may notice me start to squirm. Now I’m really beginning to feel uncomfortable and can’t help showing it. Time to give me some space.
  5. Eye contact – You will also want to watch my eyes. Avoiding eye contact is another way for me to let you know I think you’re getting too close for comfort. Give me a little breathing room.
  6. Darting eyes – Another way my eyes may be sending you a message is if you find me looking around and my eyes are darting back and forth. This means I’m desperately looking for a way to escape.
  7. Keep moving – If we’re having a conversation and you notice me moving around a lot, this could be a sign that you’re in my space. On the other hand, it could just mean that I’m trying to avoid you. Either way, you should probably keep your distance.
  8. Change seating – If you sit next me and I move over or change my seat, this is a clear sign you’re sitting too close and crowding my comfort zone. Don’t take it personally, it’s just me.
  9. Facial expressions – Watch my face for signs you may be invading my personal space. If you see a scowl or a worried expression that seems out of place, you may want to give me a little more room.
  10. Quit reading – Reading over my shoulder is a clear violation of my personal space etiquette. If I close my book or paper and stop reading, then you know I’m not happy with your actions.

These are just my personal space indicators, but many are universal. What may be a comfortable distance to you could be very uncomfortable to someone else. Watch for signs that you’re getting too close and try to keep a respectable distance. If you notice any of the things I mentioned, you are probably getting too close. On the other hand, maybe you just have bad breath.

10 Topics You Should Never Bring Up On a First Date

When you are going out with a person for the first time, you’ll want to keep your conversation light. It is your opportunity to begin to get to know each other. The key word there being, ‘begin’. Don’t feel like you need to reveal everything about yourself on that first date, or to find out everything about the other person. Here are ten topics that definitely should NOT be brought up on your first date.

  1. Your old girlfriends/boyfriends. The other person does not want to hear you spend the evening talking about other women or men, and especially those that you’ve had relationships with.
  2. Your last bout with the stomach flu. As traumatic as the experience may have been for you, keep it to yourself for now. There may be some point further along in the relationship where the person may listen to those details with a sympathetic ear, but it’s not likely they will be ready for that on your very first date.
  3. Your pending bankruptcy. Regardless of the circumstance, the term bankruptcy still has a stigma attached to it. This could easily be interpreted as a plea for sympathy, which is not a positive start of a relationship.
  4. Family records of mental illness. Most every family has some form of mental illness in their midst, or in the past. However, this can be a sensitive topic for many people and is not appropriate for a first date.
  5. Outstanding warrants for your arrest. Honesty is a wonderful thing, however, sharing with your date that you are wanted by law enforcement may put an early end to your evening.
  6. Your parent’s sex life. Sex in general is not suggested as a proper topic for a first date. Discussion of your parent’s sex life should only be brought up if you are desperate to make sure the relationship does not continue.
  7. How much money you make. Both debts and income should be off-limit topics for that first date. It is bound to make your date uncomfortable, regardless of whether you are sharing about your income or asking about theirs.
  8. STD’s. This is another health issue that is usually necessary or desired as a topic for a first date, regardless of whether it is a general topic of discussion or relates to you personally. Unless there is a definite ‘need to know’ situation, leave this topic for further on in the relationship.
  9. Serial killers. Guys, serial killers and rapists, are not good topic choices for your first date. Women do not like to be reminded about the possibilities, and it may cause them to look upon your every move with suspicion.
  10. Your grade point average in high school. This is a bit tacky and gives a message of big insecurities on your part. If you’re out of high school, nobody really cares anymore. Find a more current top to bring up.

Talk about your hobbies, your job, school, sports, movies… there are plenty of great topics to bring up. Stay away from this list of ten bad ones. If the relationship continues to develop, you will certainly move on to more personal subjects.

10 Classic Movies that are Great for First Dates

How old does a movie have to be to be considered a “classic”?  Not too old at all actually as some movies become instant classics while others will be lucky to be rented at all.  First dates are hard enough, but one thing you don’t want to do is go to a regular movie theater on your first date.  First dates are all about getting to know each other.  You can’t talk in a regular theater without irritating the people behind you.  The best option is to rent a movie and watch it at home.  That way if there’s an awkward moment you can both watch the movie, but if you want to talk you can without disrupting other people’s movie enjoyment.  Check out these 10 classic movies that are great for first dates.

  1. Say Anything: This 80’s movie is an awesome first date movie.  It’s all about Lloyd Dobler getting a date with the girl he has had a crush on all through high school.  It has its funny moments, it’s sad moments, “I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.”  Lloyd’s commitment to her is epic and women react to the romance.
  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark: Harrison Ford plays Indiana Jones who is an archeologist and college professor.  He jets off to places unknown and just happens to find what other people have been searching for, for hundreds of years.  In this movie he is particularly handsome and is trying to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis find it.  His ex-girlfriend is along and falls in love with him all over again.
  3. Poltergeist: Okay, this may seem like a weird choice, but haven’t you gone to a scary movie and during the movie found yourselves holding onto each other during the scary points if nothing else.  It’s a great excuse to get close without seeming to have an ulterior motive.  This movie has just enough funny parts that it doesn’t go over the top into too weird.
  4. The Terminator: This is another movie where there will be times when the two of you will cling to each other as they are trying to kill Sarah Connor.  But the most romantic character is the handsome Michael Biehn says that he has come across time to save her and you figure out that he is John’s father.
  5. Urban Cowboy: While this movie has its moments of fighting between John Travolta’s character and Debra Winger’s character, these two have undeniable chemistry.
  6. An Officer and a Gentleman: This classic movie is a no brainer.  When Mayo and Paula are dating it’s romantic and when Mayo’s best friend commits suicide it’s sad and you may have to comfort each other.  Then in the end when he carries her out to ride off into the sunset it’s very romantic.
  7. Almost Famous: Truly a feel good movie about young love.  The most poignant part of the movie is when William runs through the airport yelling at Penny’s plane.  This should be a tearjerker moment for both of you.  This emotional part of the movie should guarantee some good snuggling.
  8. Dirty Dancing: Well, this one is just one of the best movies ever made.  Baby played by Jennifer Gray is a rich girl who has altruistic intentions for her life when she goes on vacation to the mountain where her family goes every year to spend the summer.  She meets bad boy Johnny Castle, played by Patrick Swayze, and falls in love.  Enough said.
  9. The Jerk: Steve Martin is at his funniest in this movie.  The whole movie is hilarious and will keep you laughing the whole time.  A first date can be rather tense so laughing will help lighten the mood so you two can get to know each other.
  10. You’ve Got Mail: Most people have seen this movie at least once.  It’s funny and smart.  You see them doing all these friend dates and they end up in love at the end.  What could be better than that?

10 Reasons Older Men Look ‘Distinguished’

It appears to be an interesting phenomenon that many older men are considered ‘distinguished’ looking, while older women, no matter how beautiful, still just look older. What are the features on older men that seem to be appreciated by women? Here’s a list of ten.

  1. Silver hair – On women, it’s just called gray, but on men it is silver or maybe a ‘salt and pepper’ look. The fact that the gray tends to begin around the temples, also seems to appeal to women, as a positive accent to their faces.
  2. Glasses – Glasses, even reading glasses or bifocals, can give a scholarly look to an older man. A scholarly look on an older woman, says ‘old maid’ or ‘grandma’, versus ‘professor’ for the gray haired man.
  3. Neatly Trimmed – Older men are more likely to keep their hair and whiskers neatly trimmed. A neatly trimmed gray beard will win over sloppy blonde one any day.
  4. Pressed clothes – An older man is more likely to wear neatly pressed clothes, when out in public. His shirt is more likely to be a buttoned shirt, than the t-shirt or sweatshirt of his younger rivals. He dresses to impress the ladies, and they notice.
  5. Leather shoes – No sloppy tennis shoes on the distinguished older man. He’ll have on leather shoes, and they’ll likely have a shine to them, too.
  6. Belts – His pants will fit around the waist, his shirt will be tucked in ,and he’ll actually have a leather belt strung through his belt loops. His younger counterparts may have better physiques, but he’s willing to show his off, while theirs are disguised by baggy pants and oversized shirts.
  7. Weathered faces – The lines around the eyes and across their forehead seem to accent their eyes. Just as leather looks stronger will a little wear, a mans face that has been weathered from years in the sun takes on a stronger character as well.
  8. Mannerisms – Often times, it simply the mannerisms of an older man that give him that distinguished look. He’s not in as big of a hurry as a young man. He’ll walk a little slower and handle a woman with more grace than a youthful man full of energy.
  9. Clean nails – An older man doesn’t usually do as much work with his hands as he used to when he was younger. His nails are more likely to be clean and well trimmed and his hands softer.
  10. Maturity – All these things combined give an appearance of maturity to a man. Women are attracted to that. It gives a sense of security. The feeling they may have had with their father.

It may seem totally sexist to see many men as becoming more attractive with age and most women diminishing in their looks as they get older. However, the older men of today grew up in a different age. It remains to be seen whether the young men of today will grow distinguished or whether they just be sloppy old men with jeans hanging around their knees.

10 Awesome Slow Dance Songs from the 80′s

I don’t know what it is about 80’s music, but it was great.  The hair was big on both guys and girls.  The outfits were colorful and usually skin tight.  MTV was the newest thing and gave us a visual on our favorite singers.  There were a lot great songs in the 80’s, but here are 10 awesome slow dance songs from the 80’s.

  1. Drive (Cars): This song was in heavy rotation on the radio so you could hear it everywhere.  This song was a great song to dance to with a good beat and slow enough to snuggle on the dance floor.
  2. Every Rose has its Thorn (Poison): Talk about big hair, the boys in Poison had the biggest hair and still do the last I saw them on some show about where are they now.  The lyrics were easy to understand so everyone would sing along with this song and dance.
  3. Jessie (Rick Springfield): Rick Springfield not only had a great singing career, but he had a role on General Hospital and doctor Noah Drake made all of the nurses swoon.  This song had a great story to it that most teenagers could relate to.
  4. Time of My Life (Dirty Dancing): Everyone had seen the movie and the love story just added to the enjoyment of dancing to this song.  If you could do some of the dance moves from the movie you were doing really well.
  5. I Just Called to Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder): Every DJ in the 80’s played this song during dances and out in the clubs.  And the funny thing is that Stevie was calling on a landline.
  6. Careless Whisper (Wham): Oh, you gotta love Wham.  They were definitely rooted in the 80’s.
  7. Take My Breath Away (Berlin): This song was in Top Gun, which of course was a HUGE hit movie in the 80’s and every girl loved Tom Cruise.  Dancing to this song made all the girls feel like they were in the movie.
  8. Suddenly (Billy Ocean): This love song is a great slow song for dancing.  The lyrics talk about first hello’s and first smiles.
  9. Every Woman in the World (Air Supply): Air Supply had a ton of great slow songs in the 80’s, but this one talks about his girl meaning so much to him so it’s nice and romantic and great to slow dance to.
  10. Truly (Lionel Richie): Every woman wants a man to tell her that he is “truly” in love with her.  This song has some great swells where a decent slow dancer could throw in some fun moves.

10 Topics Considered Taboo at Dinner Parties

Everyone loves a good dinner party. Time with friends or family, or friends and family, as well as good conversation and great food always gets the evening going in the right direction. Unfortunately, there are things that shouldn’t be discussed at the dinner party table as they are just social no-no’s in dinner talk, but there are some that just don’t understand these taboo topics and will often bring them up, quickly ending the great mood and often sparking up a bit of conflict and sour responses, which is just the reason they are so discouraged from arising at the dinner table at all. Whether with friends or family, there are just things that no one wants to talk about or topics that no one really wants to think about or discuss over dinner for many reasons, which can be understood with these 10 topics considered taboo at dinner parties that all should avoid at all costs.

  1. Sex. Whether discussing your own sexual relationship, that of one of the dinner party guests, or that of anyone else, this is just not a conversation that should be brought up at the dinner table during any dinner party. This is a raunchy subject for any dinner and can quickly sour anyone’s mood, especially if they are offensive in this sort of conversation.
  2. Money. If you had a good year or bad year, the bills you are currently paying, the downfall in the economy, or even a great bonus you just received, really money is a touchy topic for all people because a lot of people wish they were doing better and others don’t want to get into what they are currently earning, so this is a major taboo for dinner.
  3. Religion. There have been several debates about religion, and there are certainly many different people in the world that can follow any belief. When you bring up religion during dinner, you find that there are a lot of people that get uncomfortable, whether they aren’t sure what they can say or just offensive at the religion you are discussing.
  4. Politics. Politics aren’t taboo because people don’t like talking about politics, but when at the dinner table there is no reason to start spitting beliefs, theories, conspiracies, and offensive gabber at everyone because you believe Bush was right and your friend doesn’t. This is just what happens when politics is brought up which is why it is best left somewhere that has a lot more noise in case you just give up.
  5. TMI (Too Much Information) Health Information. Announcing a new pregnancy is a lot different than discussing a nasty condition that you just suffered, how it plagued you, and just how you got over it. In fact, bringing up this information will likely have some of the dinner party guests excusing themselves from the table or doing that “I’m really uncomfortable” clearing of the throat.
  6. Hygiene. Oh, did you brush your teeth 5 minutes ago and your daughter is currently potty training by telling you the poo-poo is coming and then squeezing her butt? Well, that is all good for you but if you are having a dinner party, this is just not the sort of thing everyone wants to hear while devouring a good plate of food.
  7. Any previous fiascos at dinner involving those at the dinner party. Yeah you may think you are just joking around and bringing up something to laugh about, but the laughing can quickly turn into bickering and argument, as well as the end of the dinner party if those in the fiasco aren’t trying to relive the experience.
  8. Family or other friend’s traditions not displayed in the current dinner party. You have great china but Sally uses this type of wonderful plate…, my mother serves a wonderful pie instead of cake…, these could be innocent comments, but they could ruin the dinner in a matter of minutes. Many people don’t want to be compared to others when they host a dinner party and if it isn’t a compliment, it’s taken as an offensive comment.
  9. Off color humor. Jokes are always fun, but when you are pushing the boundaries, you just don’t want to do it at a dinner party. Off color humor is great for certain situations, but with a delicate situation like a dinner party, this type of humor just doesn’t work.
  10. Comparisons of food. If you rather have one type of food but are served another, keep it to yourself. Bringing up better meals is just the worst thing you could start talking about at any dinner party, even if you have the best host in the world.

Dinner parties are always great, but you have to consider the many taboo topics that have been banned by all of society. They aren’t illegal topics and you may get away with bringing them up depending on who you are with, but in most cases, you should just leave these topics to another type of gathering.

10 Ways for Cougar Women to Feel Younger

Women today are at their youngest, no matter how old they are (think about it… it makes sense). Older women no longer feel they have to uphold the common stereotypes of  an “older” women, most pursuing younger men (that’s why they come to this site anyway) and finding younger feeling opportunities in life to grasp ahold of. In fact, you won’t find an older woman today that is willing to admit their younger days are over, and many are even getting into more trouble in their older years than ever before. Why? Life is your oyster and you have to make your own pearl so make it, right? Well, women of today are bound by no limits and aren’t going to take age for an answer to their many challenges in life, as the younger they act the younger they feel, which is why these 10 ways for mature women to feel younger have taken hold so gracefully.

  1. Keep a hip wardrobe. No you don’t have to get low-cut jeans with your butt hanging out to stay in the times, but knowing fashion and remaining within the current trends keeps you young and keeps the mystery in your age. Not only will you look younger, but you will feel younger as no one is able to determine your exact age.
  2. Get a piercing. Today’s women are prone to more piercings than ever before because it’s just a common practice that shows you are still hip. Whether your bellybutton, nose, eyebrow, or even your lip or something a bit discreet, you will feel a lot younger with a new glitter about you.
  3. Get a new hairdo. Yeah, you should keep hip in mind, as a new and trendy hairdo is sure to make you feel so much younger. The shorter the style, the younger you’ll feel, with color and highlights giving you that extra sense of your younger self.
  4. Take on more outdoor activities. Believe it or not, the more you do, the younger you feel. Instead of feeling tired, you begin to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after activities, even beginning to take on a younger glow and find more people in disbelief of your age.
  5. Get into a little trouble. Especially if you have always been high strung and pretty responsible, there is nothing that can make you feel a bit younger than getting into a little clean trouble. This doesn’t mean to go out and knock over a bank, but let your hair loose, do a little flirting, and even flash a few people; you’ll feel like a teen again.
  6. Take a stress free trip somewhere outrageous. Vegas, Paris, Europe, even the Yucatan, find a great place to go that just feels younger. Just because you are mature doesn’t mean you can indulge in immature ventures that are just acted upon on a whim.
  7. Start making a night out each week. If you are always on the move with work and family, make a night each week that is all yours and conquer it. Take your girlfriends out on a drinking binge or just find a fabulous spot to dance the night away.
  8. Get a cool car. The car definitely makes the woman and getting a cool Corvette or Porsche is always a great way to feel a lot younger. Yeah, this option will stress your budget if you don’t have a lot in income, which is why there are some low cost options you could also indulge in.
  9. Get a motorcycle. This is another of the more expensive ways to feel younger, but boy will you dominate the road in style and with a younger attitude. Feeling like a rebel has always had a way of reforming maturity and creating a younger attitude.
  10. Hang with a younger crowd.  If you get along well with younger co-workers or even neighbors you might consider hanging out with them as well and just try some of the places that they like to go.  This isn’t for everyone and you run the risk of coming out of it feeling older, but if you fully commit to it you will be surprised at how much younger this can make you feel.

Mature women are definitely defying their ages these days, seeking to feel and act a lot younger than they are. Perhaps this is their way of grasping onto life and remaining in the mix of things, while defying the feelings older age can bring on. Remaining young means taking on younger actions in life, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon responsibility and obligations in life. Using these ways to feel younger, you can do so while remaining in a great position in life, avoiding the whole mid-life crisis behavior that usually sets in when one tries to feel younger than they are.

Cougar Women: 10 Reasons I Will Roar

As I read yet another article today about the “myth” of cougar women I became intensely angry at what was clearly a male chauvinistic piece that was so laden with stereotypes it wasn’t funny at all.  So the article I am referring to is here: FOX NEWS – Cougar Trend Women Chasing Younger Men Myth.  Now, I’m not sure if it is the fact that someone wrote it or that FOX News decided it was newsworthy that upsets me more.  Anyway, the number of so-called myths that are out there and that frankly need to be debunked amazes me.   With that said I truly hope to get to women in their 40’s out there and get them to stand up for themselves.  So hear are 10 reasons to stand up and roar:

  1. Stop calling me a freak! Please, I am a completely normal person that is just like every other woman that you run into every day at the office, the grocery store, and the gym.  I happen to prefer to date men that are a bit younger than me, that does NOT make me a freak in any way.  I mean seriously???

  2. Stop saying I don’t like sex! This is such a ridiculous myth that I don’t even know where to begin to address it.  Some women (granted not all) are perfectly fine with and enjoy sex.  Now, we don’t necessarily want it 1/10th as much as a man (average 3 times per week), but we do just fine.  If you need more proof here is a GOOD article speaking directly to that: TIME MAGIZINE – The Science of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust.

  3. Stop saying I need an older man to take care of me! Okay this was in the FOX News article and I have to tell you that when a woman turns 40, her natural instinct isn’t necessarily that she needs to find a sugar daddy.  Could it not be possible that we are financially independent ourselves?

  4. Stop saying I don’t like clubs, parties, and fun! I mean this is just ridiculous too!  I would say that older men are more likely to not like clubs, dancing, and more than women in their 40’s.  I mean I can party with the best of them when I choose to and I will… so back off!

  5. Stop saying I am robbing the cradle! Okay, I am talking about dating men in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s.  These men are not children at all and therefore I am not robbing the cradle nor would I EVER think of doing that.  These are strong men comfortable with themselves and not as fragile as the World makes them out to be.  In fact, FAR FROM IT!

  6. Stop referring to the men I date as “boy toys!” I just really, really hate that slang.  There is nothing toy-like about the men that I date and I certainly don’t treat them like toys.  It’s just a terrible representation that fuels this whole robbing the cradle myth and it needs to go.

  7. Stop applauding men that do the same thing! I am so, so tired of hearing that men dating younger women is simply evolution and that they can’t control themselves because nature dictates they find fertile women to spread their seeds.  Okay, just stop it already!  I am fine with men dating younger women and just would like the same consideration.

  8. Stop telling me to fight MY natural urges! So along the lines of the TIME magazine article, I didn’t really start to enjoy or want sex until my mid 30’s.  I have no real idea why this is the case, but it just is the case.  I was actually quite content with building my career and frankly didn’t need a man when I was younger.

  9. Stop labeling women as sexist that just want equality! Okay slightly unrelated topic but one that has bothered me for years.  Just because I want to be paid the same as a man for the same work does not make me a women’s lib sexist that hates men.  Quite to the contrary, I just want the same treatment including the right to love the men I love (younger or older).

  10. Stop sending me hate emails! Shockingly since I started this site I have received quite a bit of hate email and I don’t get that at all and certainly was not expecting it to this extent.  If it continues, I will start publishing them on the site and responding to you jerks out there publicly!  I will NOT back down!

Look, just because I run a cougar women dating site, does not make me a freak of nature.  In fact, as a mature women that loves men of ALL ages (that happens to date younger men most of the time), it makes perfect sense for me to have a true cougar women dating site.  I am the voice of the cougar and I want you to hear me ROAR!

10 Reasons Parents Should Love Cougar Women

One thing we (us cougars) hear a lot about is that families disapprove of a cub’s relationship with his cougar.  On some levels I can completely understand that, but in many other ways it just doesn’t make sense to me.  It seems like two consenting adults should merit more respect than that.  Plus there are many ways that a cougar is 10 times better for their son than a younger woman might be.  Here are 10 of those reasons that I can quickly rattle off the top of my head:

  1. Financial Stability – Exactly what is wrong with a financially secure older woman being able to provide a home, food, and all of the essentials that a man needs?  Isn’t that much better than a young man having to struggle to make ends meet not possibly knowing where his next meal will come from.  Now, I’m not saying that it is every cougar’s dream to help a total loser out so don’t get me wrong.  We are talking about good looking, high potential men that just due to the economy or some other reason are struggling right now and could use some financial support (with no real strings attached contrary to what people might believe).
  2. Emotional Stability – A more mature woman is usually more emotionally stable and not prone to extreme high mood swings that she cannot control (because we have been controlling ourselves for longer and are frankly better at it).  This can be a huge advantage for a younger man and something that should make their lives just a lot less complicated.  There’s no need to walk on egg shells around a cougar, we get it and have seen just about anything they could possibly imagine or get themselves into.
  3. Confidence – Believe it or not, the young man has to develop confidence at a much more rapid rate when he is with a cougar.  Why?  Because we introduce him to a lot of influential and successful people (men and even other women).  If he can’t hold his own in those conversations and with that group then he will struggle as a cub and most likely not find success.  However, if he thrives then watch out!  He is going places quickly.
  4. Self Esteem – This goes along with the confidence line of reasoning.  First of all, the young man should take pride in the fact that his cougar (who has plenty of choices) found him attractive and desirable enough to enter into a relationship with him.  Then, most likely his cougar will pull the best out of him with good clothes and proper access to everything he needs to stay fit, healthy, and looking good.  No matter what anyone else says, this will boost his self esteem for sure.
  5. Transparency – Look, the cub knows EXACTLY where the cougar stands at all times.  This isn’t a relationship where there is a lot of pretending going on in most cases.  It is real and both sides know where the other stands (if anything the cub is the problem here and NOT the cougar).
  6. Success mindset – If the cub really gets the relationship then he will make the most of the opportunities that he has been given.  He will actually absorb the success mindset of the cougar and that will make him stronger for the rest of his life.  The most successful people surround themselves with other successful people (cougars included).
  7. Career support – Think of the cougar as the guidance counselor and more all rolled up into a great package for her man.  In general if the cougar is willing she can really move along the career of her man just through providing him with what he needs to be successful (all the actual tools and the contacts).  In many cases this could accelerate his career by years.
  8. Fun – Cougars simply have more money and that enables them to have a lot more fun if they are willing to spend a little of it.  Trips to more exotic destinations are possible and fully taking those in is more realistic because it’s likely that the cougar has been there, done that, and knows how to make the most out of every trip.  The fun isn’t isolated to trips though.  A day in the life of a cub is actually pretty fantastic in most cases… think about it what could be more fun for a young man?
  9. Variety – We are not talking about variety in the form of women (cubs that is not allowed) but variety in foods, cultures, and things that a more mature woman can bring to the table for a young man.  The more experiences we have, the better we are at exposing the younger man to more in order for them to look at the world in different and exciting ways.
  10. Equality – If anything the cougar and cub are much more equal than the traditional male/female relationship because the woman is strong, successful, and not afraid to speak her mind.  This puts her on a more equal footing with her man compared to the typical younger woman.

These are just a few reasons that I can think of why cougar women can actually benefit their man and why parents should take a second look.  In addition, it’s also not so likely that a cougar women is truly manipulating her man.  In pretty much every relationship I am aware of the man knew exactly what he was doing and why.  In fact, it is arguable that the cub is attempting to manipulate the cougar more so than the other way around.